Design Basics: How to Use Typographic Hierarchy for your Brand

Typography is the key to unlocking the visual DNA of your brand, how your message is received by your audience.

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Brand Design: Brand Typography and Hierarchy

Typography is the key to unlocking the visual DNA of your brand, how your message is received by your audience. As small business owners and entrepreneurs trying to make your mark in a crowded market, understanding and using typographic hierarchy can be a game changer in differentiating your brand.

Typographic Hierarchy

At its simplest, typographic hierarchy is about structuring your content so the reader’s eye is guided and the most important information is emphasised. It’s the art of arranging text elements to create a visual hierarchy that grabs attention and communicates your brand story.

The Three Levels of Typographic Hierarchy

Brand Typography Hierarchy Example for

Level One: Grab Attention

Your level one typography is the entrance to your content. This is where you make a big statement, using large and bold fonts to grab the reader’s attention and point them to the key message you want to get across.

Level Two: Guide Through Sections

Level two typography is the support act, guiding the reader through different parts of your content. Subheaders and secondary details fall into this category, providing structure and context to the overall story.

Level Three: Get into the Nitty Gritty

Dive into the meat of your message with level three typography. Here you can elaborate on your products, services or insights in more detail, using smaller font sizes but still keeping it readable and coherent.

Brand Typography Hierarchy Examples for

Your Typographic Identity

To master typographic hierarchy and get personality and purpose into your brand design try:

Mix 3 or 4 fonts by using them in the Main Title, Subtitle & Body paragraphs. Use BOLD or Italics to emphasize important elements. But, don't overdo it by keeping them all the same size or color. Follow the rules in order to keep your visual content as elegant and clean as possible.

Mix Typefaces and Weights

Use different typefaces and weights within a font family to create contrast and visual interest while keeping it all looking cohesive across your brand assets.

Play with Font Sizes

Use font sizes strategically to guide the reader through your content. Start with big headlines and gradually go smaller for secondary information.

Use White Space

Use plenty of white space in your designs to make it readable, create visual breathing room and so each element stands out in the layout.

Use of Italics in the main title, using 4 different font styles sparingly.

Use 2-3 Typefaces for Contrast

Pair typefaces, like sans-serif and serif, to create contrast and hierarchy while keeping it all harmonious across your brand materials.

Harness the Power of Color

Use color strategically to highlight important elements, evoke emotions and separate content sections. Remember a balanced color palette is more appealing than overwhelming.

Organize with Spacing

Use spacing to relate design elements, group related content logically and create flow and balance in your layouts.

Experiment with text variations, colors, & capitalizations

Experiment with Text Variations

Try different text treatments like tilting text, wrapping patterns or subtle style changes to add visual interest and grab attention.

Adjust Letter and Line Spacing

Fine tune letter and line spacing to make it readable and visually appealing. Small adjustments can turn cluttered layouts into beautiful, sophisticated designs that engage and inform.

Use Blocks of Color and Shapes

Use blocks of color and geometric shapes sparingly to highlight content, quotes or calls to action and draw the eye and add to the overall impact of your brand messaging.

Website Typography Hierarchy for LWPI

As you design your brand, remember typography is a powerful way to express your brand’s voice, values and identity. Love typographic hierarchy and shape a visual language that speaks to your audience on a deep level. By mastering typographic design you’ll not only make your brand look good but also craft a story that grabs hearts and minds. Let your typography do the talking and tell your brand’s story with flair.